Proprietary Phyto Greens Blend:
Organic Barley Grass Powder,
Organic Wheat Grass Powder,
Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder,
Sprouted Barley Powder,
Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach Leaf
Powder, Nettle Leaf Powder,
Dandelion Leaf Powder

Proprietary Phytoplex Blend:
Non-GMO Lecithin, Apple Pectin,
Brown Rice Bran, Beet Juice
Powder, Licorice Root

PHYTE is vegan, gluten-free,
non-GMO, non-dairy and
contains no sweeteners or


All PHYTE cereal grasses are certified organic and grown by our farmers from the nutrient-rich, glacial soil of the Midwest. PHYTE cereal grasses are harvested before the jointing stage, which is absolutely critical to maintaining PEAK levels of chlorophyll, protein, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other important phytonutrients. These nutrients are in the highest concentrations just as the grasses approach the jointing stage of growth. The chlorophyll, protein and vitamin content of these plants
decline sharply after jointing.

PHYTE is a POWERFUL and unique combination of greens with tremendous health benefits.

Every packet of PHYTE is conveniently packaged and ready to go… healthy nutrition wherever you are headed. Just mix one packet in water, juice or smoothie and ENJOY! PHYTE is not only a nutritious start to your day but can also be a rejuvenating boost in the afternoon.