A key aspect of living The Víos Life is to help improve the communities where we live and serve, and to assist those who are less fortunate in the developing world. We are proud to partner with Hydrating Humanity, a faith-based non-profit humanitarian organization providing clean, safe water, hygiene training and hope for people in developing nations.

Each year, inadequate access to safe drinking water and improper sanitation cause an estimated 1.9 million deaths in developing countries, mostly among young children. Hydrating Humanity’s core purpose is to help connect resources to needs in developing nations throughout the world. It does this by first recognizing the strengths a particular community has, then partnering with that community to empower the people for a change, at a local level, that is sustainable long after Hydrating Humanity has left.

Víos is financially committed to supporting Hydrating Humanity’s critical mission, helping provide clean drinking water and hygiene training to people in a developing nation, and assisting the organization to spread hope throughout the world.

For more information about Hydrating Humanity, please visit its web site.

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