Don’t Wait Til January to Shed the Pounds

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER Walking through the aisles of your favorite market, warehouse store or grocer this time of the year can be difficult. The smell of cinnamon and baked goods fill [...]

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The Attitude for Gratitude

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER We have turned the clocks back, loaded the kids up with Halloween candy and we are now being bombarded with Christmas decorations and forced to think about holiday [...]

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Beautiful Skin with the Power of Plant-based Whole Food

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER It always amazes me the amount of money we, as women, spend on skincare products…me included. We are always looking for the latest and greatest to help combat [...]

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“Oxygen Highs and Lows”

BY GUEST BLOGGER:  Lisa Best, MBA, PhD, CCN, RD, LDN We can go maybe 60-70 days without food and 4-7 days without water, but we can only last about 4 minutes without oxygen before irreversible brain damage [...]

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Prebiotics vs. Probiotics …Matrix has both!

BY: LANAE AGEE, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER Gut health is key to your overall health and well-being.  It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, that said “all disease begins in the gut” over 2000 years ago. [...]

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The Perfect Fall Stew Recipe

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER The weather has definitely thrown us for a loop here in North Carolina. It is mid-October and it was 86 degrees yesterday. Not the fall temps we typically [...]

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